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Glow-Worm Boiler Installation

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    With over 15 years of experience, we proudly provide plumbing and heating solutions for both commercial and domestic clients from Chepstow, South Wales and the surrounding areas. All work completed is Gas Safe certified. Taking pride in our work and our service to our customers, we work hard to ensure all work completed is to the highest standard with exceptional attention to the fine details.

    At JJ Vickers we put our customers at the forefront of everything we do and always strive to provide top service at competitive prices. Get in touch today for an obligation free discussion about your next plumbing an heating project and see for yourself why JJ Vickers is quickly becoming one of South Wales leading service providers.

    Why choose Glow-worm when it comes to choosing a new boiler?

    If you’re considering getting a new boiler, you’re making a reassuringly reliable choice with Glow-Worm. This British brand has been providing affordable, innovative boilers since 1934, catering for all budgets.

    Innovator – You know your heating needs are in good hands with Glow-Worm, as this brand was the first in the UK to develop the condensing boiler on a mass-produced scale, back in the 1990s. Glow-Worm is still a pioneer in the industry, and having since teamed up with Europe’s second-biggest heating firm, the Vaillant Group, the brand is able to capitalise on the group’s wide-ranging expertise in the heating and energy sector.

    Glow-worm boiler installation in Monmouthshire from £1,400

    Durable – As an installer of Glow-Worm boilers, we pride ourselves in supplying boilers that are built to last, without letting you down when the temperature drops. The Glow-Worm combi boiler is especially favoured by many, where it provides dependable heating for homes of all sizes.

    With up to seven years guarantee, you can enjoy peace of mind that your Glow-Worm combi boiler is well-built and reliable. Unlike some other budget boiler brands, Glow-Worm even has its own team of dedicated engineers.

    Energy-efficient – As a leader in boiler technology, it goes without saying that Glow-Worm boilers are made to be highly efficient. With Glow-Worm energy rated as A for many models, it’s good to know that when you need to heat your home or have hot water, you’re keeping your fuel costs as low as possible. Plus, by choosing an energy efficient combi boiler like those offered by Glow-Worm, you’re doing your bit to lower your carbon footprint – good news for the environmentally conscious!

    Service you can trust

    Homegrown – Proud to be British, Glow-Worm manufactures its combi boilers at its high-tech facilities in Derbyshire, using state-of-the-art technologies and engineering, producing boilers you can depend upon. As well as manufacturing combi boilers, Glow-Worm provides system boilers and heat-only boilers.

    Highly recommended – When you purchase a Glow-Worm combi boiler, you’ll be pleased to discover that it comes highly recommended. The brand has even received a prestigious accolade from the consumer Which? organisation, ensuring the high-quality credentials of this pioneering brand.

    Value for money – What sets Glow-Worm boilers apart from others is that they’re reliable yet also offer great value for money. Often costing less than other brands, Glow-Worm is a company that caters for people on a budget.

    Easy installation – Glow-Worm energy models are especially lightweight, made from a high-grade aluminium that makes them easy to install, particularly in compact areas. With our 15 years of experience installing boilers, our experienced team of engineers will get your heating systems up and running efficiently in no time, delivering great customer service.

    Get in touch with the experts at JJ Vickers for the reliable installation of a Glow-Worm boiler.

    How does Glow-worm compare?

    Price Upfront – Starting from £800 

    Longevity – 10 – 15 Years

    Eco-Friendly – A-rated models operating at 94% efficiency

    Maintenance Costs – £60-£120 for a service

    Easy to use – Yes, user-friendly and relatively easy control

    Features – Comes with an additional 9.2kW – 99.5kW
    boiler clock and flue package

    Price Upfront – Starting from £1000

    Longevity – 12 – 15 Years

    Eco-Friendly – A-rated models operating at 89% efficiency

    Maintenance Costs – £60-£120 for a service

    Easy to use – Yes, simple control buttons and display

    Features – Comes with an additional 25W – 35kW
    boiler clock and flue package

    Some of our client feedback

    Jason was called to provide a quote as we required a boiler replacing in a rental property as our tenant had no hot water. The old boiler was old and parts were end of life so Jason quoted us a very competitive price for the replacement and undertook the job which was challenging. The existing flue was very badly fitted so he had to rectify this (extra half day) in addition to the boiler install. Also, he has fitted a wireless thermostat (no thermostat in place) so my tenant is able to control heating from outside the home, something she was very happy with as she has a new baby. My tenant confirmed that Jason arrived bang on time (didn't know that happens anymore), was professional and courteous and if it hadn't been for the additional flue work, he would have finished the work within a day....exceptional service!! Thanks, Ceri
    ~Ceri Llewellyn
    Very good quote price wise. Completed the job to our satisfaction. Thanks.
    ~Ney Ney
    Needed an emergency plumber at short notice due to going through a water pipe. Jason from JJ plumbing was recommended and he didnt disappoint, came out within 30mins and job cost half of what I would have expected to pay for an emergency call out on a Sunday. Definately would recommend & will use again.
    ~Nic Mitchelmore
    Fitted a new sink and taps in kitchen. Excellent work and price. Would recommend
    ~Teresa Plant

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